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FNG Structural has been at the forefront in the new wave of innovations happening in the residential sector. Having experience from wooden frame to concrete high rises, FNG Structural has conquered challenges using innovative and practical solutions that have been praised by our clients.

At FNG Structural, we have extensive experience in Single Family Units, Multi-Family Townhomes, Multi-Level Condominiums, as well as low and mid-rise towers.

Seismic Assessment and Upgrade.


Daycares, campus dormitories, recreation center and more.

Renovation and Tenant Improvement

From Steel stud framing to suspended ceilings, FNG Structural would love to be part of your renovation plans.


Parkings buildings, water and sewer structures.


Offices, strip mall and Warehouses. Renovating existing commercial buildings have been a staple here at FNG Structural.

Industrial Projects

Structural steel design including pipe racks, stairwells and platforms.

Structural concrete foundation and retaining walls.

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